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Are you looking to light a stage, create an amazing effect for your next gig or update your current lighting setup? Then you'll be happy to know Macsound can supply a range of professional lighting options suitable for all venues from small drama room setups to large theatres. Whether you're interested in traditional fittings, moving heads or LED lighting we have you sorted. We can also supply effects lights, effects machines and other DJ Equipment including stands and cases suitable for fixed and roaming acts. 


We can supply a range of traditional theatrical light fittings including followspots, wash lights, moving heads, floodlights, multipars, cycs, profiles, fresnels & PC's. We can supply lights from many brands including Philips Selecon, DTS Lighting, Chauvet Pro, ETC Lighting, PR Lighting and DeSisti.


LED lights are becoming more commonly used for theatre lighting, rather than traditional lanterns due to the many benefits. LED lights allow for more colour options from one light without the need to constantly change gels. LED Lights also have a lower rate of power consumption as well as a longer service life.   
Macsound can supply the range of LED lights including Par Lights, Followspots and Moving Heads from a number of brands including PR Lighting, Chauvet and Event Lighting. 


Stage lighting control systems provide a critical interface between the operator and the instruments they use to realise their vision on stage. As such, the choice of the right control system for your application combines elements of financial viability, technical capacity, operational style and a good deal of personal taste. We offer a large range of lighting control options including light desks, control nodes, patch bays, dimmer racks and wireless DMX so you can find the perfect fit for you. We can supply Lighting Control equipment from LSC Lighting, ETC, Chauvet DJ, Jands & Event Lighting.


Used to communicate between different areas during live performances and is perfect for use in theatre productions, Talkback is a definite production essential.
We can supply a number of Talkback options, whether you are looking for a wired or wireless talkback system or a mixture of both. We can supply Talkback from Jands & Clear-com.


Effects machines are great for adding the misty atmosphere you need for your production or creating a stunning effect when combined with party light. Macsound can supply a range of Antari, Rosco and Light Emotion effects machines including foggers, hazers and chiller modules, snow and bubble machines as well as fluids.
We can also provide a range of party effects lights including UV lights, lasers, strobes, led panel lights, mirrorballs, bar lights and other effects lights from Light Emotion and Chauvet DJ. 


Macsound can supply a range of stands suitable for portable and fixed lighting applications, from winchup and telescopic stands to tree arm stands and t-bars. Macsound can also supply tri-truss, box truss and piping for hanging lighting equipment and the associated rigging equipment. 

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